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Did you know that your old, single pane windows, when shut, have a gap that is a 1/16 of an inch wide which represents having a hole the size of a brick in each one of your old windows? Out of that hole goes heat and your money.


Golden State Windows provides you with the expertise to stop you from wasting energy in your home. By upgrading to double pane windows it will save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs and increase the comfort of your home. Your new windows will pay for themselves within a year's time and then save you countless dollars over the years you own your home. Give us a call now to schedule your free home window consultation (800) 748-6448

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There are many window companies out there to choose from when you need new windows for your home or business. So many, that finding the right information online for what you need can be difficult. There are many different window manufacturers that provide varying frames, glass types and prices that it can be hard to weed through everything on your own. My goal in writing this guide is to help you navigate through the process of finding the right style of window, for the right price, from the right company.