If you are fortunate enough to be building your dream home or just have a strong desire to upgrade the home you already have there is simply nothing better than addressing the issue of what type of window you will use. However, it is important to choose the appropriate window for the weather wherever you reside. I have compiled some information to assist in your search which will enable you to purchase windows suited to your climate. The following are pointers that can enable the proper selection of window wherever you reside!

Whether you are involved in new construction or simply renovating, new windows make your home less drafty, quieter and easier to clean. Also, and this is a big one, eventually they will truly save on energy costs. However, it is important to choose windows appropriate for your climate. There are abundant choices available between brands and then framing and material selections to consider, as well. Recent Consumer Reports testing found which windows best repel rain and wind without leaking. Working with an outside lab they examined windows subjected to heavy, wind-driven rain and winds topping fifty miles-per-hour with outdoor temperatures from 0 to 70 degrees F. In particular, if your home is exposed to high winds and below normal cold temperatures look for windows rated for acceptable low-temperature wind resistance.

For example, if you live in a cold and rainy climate avoid windows constructed of aluminum. It has poor insulating properties and is unable to avert cold air from infiltrating into your home. Consumer Reports found the best choice for a window frame would be fiberglass; it is easier to maintain and sometimes even more attractive than vinyl frames. If you reside in a rainy environment be sure to choose windows and frames that repel moisture. Again, fiberglass provides superior protection against water, wood rot and over expansion. Picking incorrect windows for your climate may eventually find you dealing with frequent issues that excess moisture brings such as mold, mildew and staining. So, whether you reside in a cold or cold and rainy/windy area choose windows with two panes of glass. These double pane windows block extreme temperatures, add insulation and are filled with a Argon gas which specializes in protection for the elements.

Should you reside in a hot climate be sure to choose windows with a reliable UV coating. This protects the rays from the sun entering your windows and overheating the environment. It also protects from sun damage on your floors and furniture. Well insulated windows are also able to keep the cool air inside while the temperature increases outside. In the heat you want to be certain to choose framing materials that do not warp or peel under intense sun and high temperatures. Double pane windows also provide insulation from higher than normal temperatures outdoors. When paying premium prices for air conditioning best to keep the hot air out and the cooler air in.

It is always wise to seriously look at several factors prior to either replacing or purchasing new windows. Genuinely think about where you live, the position of the windows in your home and what outdoor elements might affect them the most. What to select is entirely personal however, with these suggestions your purchase will provide many years of beautiful and efficient windows for you and your family to enjoy!