As the weather changes to cooler temperatures, now is a great time to consider getting replacement windows. The few things that might convince you is lost energy which turns into lost money. Your home is an investment that can also cost you a pretty penny when not properly insulated.

If your home is a bit older and still uses single pane windows you might want to consider saving on energy costs by replacing them with the newer and more highly efficient Energy Star double pane windows. These windows pay for themselves in energy savings, are quickly installed and aesthetically pleasing. The alternative would be repairing your windows or simply insulating them better. (not a viable option).

There are a couple of other problems associated with aging windows. The first is operating efficiency; the ease of opening and closing. Certain times of the year can make it difficult for you to operate your windows. In older homes excess paint, older fittings or even swollen wood can hinder operating efficiency. Windows let in fresh air, they cool an over heated home but they also provide a safety component, too. In a fire they need to function as your family needs to exit quickly. Then there’s the problem of noise. Do you live under an airport, on a busy avenue or next to neighbors with many barking dogs? If so, controlling the noise that leaks into your home can also be controlled by installing new, double pane windows. As glass does not reduce sound itself, newer windows contain sound damping materials designed to absorb and dissipate sound waves. The inside of your home remains peaceful and quiet.

Last, but never least, older windows can be dangerous. Contractors prior to the late 1970’s commonly used all lead-based paint. Children have been known to chew on window sills. Even if they don’t ingest paint, they can be harmed from the lead by simply breathing the air containing unsafe lead-filled air particles. Long term lead exposure affects vital organ function and can damage the brain. Replacing these older windows is an absolute must.

It is always an important choice when it comes to considering saving money and energy, having peace and quiet, and even looking out for your family’s safety. All of this can be accomplished by replacing those outdated windows with newer, energy efficient double pane windows. The decision to do so is important and requires much consideration. However, investing in your home is investing in your future and Fall is the perfect time to begin a new project that will save you money. It usually takes just one year of saved energy costs to pay for every single window in your home to be replaced.